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The film starts with Prem (Salman Khan), who just helped hisneighbour's daughter Khushi (Zarine Khan) to elope with Raju (AjayDevgn), which leads him to learn that Khushi's "soon to be husband"Gaurav (Arbaaz Khan) also had lover, Kiran (Kangna Ranaut), who he hadthe desire to marry. The elope angers their neighbour, Mr. Phatak(Mithilesh Chaturvedi) and Prem's family: The Kapoors. But then, Prem'sfamily decide to search for a bride for Prem. But Prem arrives with hisuncle at the airport in the wrong terminal, to make an excuse thatPooja, his to-be-wife, did not show up. However, a girl named Sanjana(Asin), who just ran from her own wedding, overhears Prem's plan toescape from Pooja, when she was hiding at the airport. Since nobodyfrom Prem's family knew Pooja, Sanjana pretends to be Pooja herself,and wins the hearts of the entire Kapoor family, except Prem, who getsfrustrated with her.
Meanwhile, Sanjana's uncles, Amar Choudhary (Akhilendra Mishra), andSuraj Choudhary (Sharat Saxena), who are rivals, and trying to get hermarried with their own brother-in-laws, and are trying to search forher and with whom she has ran away. Suraj Choudhary takes help of Mr.Lehri (Sudesh Lehri), to get to know who ran away with Sanjana, when hehad given her and Prem a lift in his car in the jungle, where Prem,while driving the car, put Suraj Choudhary's son, Aryan into comma.
But by then, Prem finds out Sanjana's true identity, and she revealsabout her uncles trying to get her married. Later, he falls in lovewith her, and decides to marry her. She later gets taken away by SurajChoudhary, and the rest of the Kapoor family find out that she isSanjana. Prem tells her just to be with her uncles, and will find a wayto marry her, and also put her family back together.
He pretends to be the nephew of a chartered accountant BalidaanBhardwaaj a.k.a Bali (Paresh Rawal), and tells both her uncles not toget their own nephews married to Sanjana, but to the daughters ofAmerica's billionaires K.K Modi and B.K Modi. What the Choudharies andBali do not know is that K.K and B.K Modi are actually Prem's dad anduncle in disguise, and Prem also gets the rest of his family to playvarious characters to trick Sanjana's family into letting her marryPrem. Prem also manages to change the family's negative attitude.
But on the wedding day, Aryan comes out of comma, and even reveals thetruth about Prem's plan. But Prem tells the uncles how Sanjana's latemother wanted her uncles to get Sanjana married, hoping her uncleswould not be rivals any more. Later, the Chaudharies apologise fortheir bad behaviour.
The movie ends with Prem and Sanjana getting married and their weddingpicture being taken with the Kapoors and Chaudharies, aka Chapoors.

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